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Untold Universe - Explore an infinite universe, on a single-shard server (MMO game)

The Space voxel sandbox MMO game

Play with people from all around the world, land on planets of different types and shape entire worlds all together!
Untold Universe will feature a huge number of planets that will expand as new players enter the game with multiple biomes to expect, all of this in one big persistent universe.
Untold Universe - Design, build, sell your designs

Build and Trade your Designs

Gather ressources and use them to build anything from factories to spaceships then sell or use them to your own benefit!
Some planets will be filled with rare ressources to exploit and transform. Use them to build your own spaceships, factories or anything you could think of!

Untold Universe - Build the game together

By Players for Players

Starting from a minimal set of features, we will build the game along with players. Join us today to be part of it!
At the beginning of the Alpha, only the more essential game mechanics will be implemented. We will then add many more features over time to test and criticize!
Untold Universe - Play on your favorite OS (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Choose your weapon

We want everybody to play on their favorite OS and that's why Untold Universe is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Joining the Alpha

Joining the Alpha

Join now to enlist in the Alpha Pioneers ranks!
During the next months, Alpha invitations will be sent to players willing to participate in the development process by testing and giving their opinion.
Be one of the first and explore the Universe as it grows!

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